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Sunday, April 30, 2006

thanks grace!!!!
last fri nite was awesome.. thanks for waiting for me to get there. hahah
yup.. as usuall our fav crystal jade.. where we drank sprite loads, deep fried squids and yummy yummy porriage!!!! that was really heavenly.. and most importantly.. lots of catching up..
hugs ben and jerrys!!!! oh.. and eating it under the stars was something i havent done in a long time eh, babe! we should do it more often.. hahah.. baring it all out... everything.. no secrets no hidden agendas.. just plain simple friendship!!! love u to bit, darling!
thanks for always taking time to listen to my moans, groans, childish acts, and i'll always hear your funny.. uber cute crackling stories. hahahah

yup.. take a drive to the fav haunt.. and dig in the sinful indulgence of chocolate fudge brownies.. and lots lot lots butterfly prawns.. nvm the aches and all.. love your company u noe!!!!!! really do!!! under the stars!!! thats just awesome!

okie. ive gotta mention this.. i went for the jp morgan chase run on wed.. 5.6 km.. hahah saw some familiar faces from the good old track days.. jeanette still looking fit and fab as usual ( think she went on to win the race) and some other trackies.. gosh.. they're still competitively running after so long!!! its time for some motivation of some sort man..
anywea.. i wanted to join as a social runner/walker.. haha but as usual uncle derrick went so far in front.. we acutally were standing with frank (like this tall tall dutch guy with super long legs and super fast too). haha so funny! so when the whistle blew.. can u imagine.. my hopes of walking were dashed since i had to really run in order not to be trampled/trodded down by 11,000 people who took part.. hahah sooooooooooooooo funny!

anywae.. after 2.5km.. i gave up and started walking.. yes i know.. this can never happen in the past.. but it happened! never ever walked a race before... anywae.. i was so tired.. i walked and walked.. (but u noe. .the my company has provided us with super ultra orange jerseys.. so it was impossible to miss us.. hahah as i walked near the finish line.. i even had time to tidy my hair and pose for the company camera man. hahah hilarious i tell u!)
okie.. so at the end.. my toes hurt so much i was scared the nails would fall out.. and despite the courageous attempts to burn off some calories.. i downed a can of coke!! (180 calories) immeiately after the race.. well that was darn stupid! and i couldnt even walk properly. hahha.. derrick had to go and get me the goodie bag..
which of course had the nice comfy tshirt jp morgan gave.. so nice i wore it to bed =)

this is fun!!!!!! okie.. ir eally gotta start running again man!

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