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Saturday, August 27, 2005

wah ha ha.. this has been a pretty smooth week.. except for a few downs.. but firstly

i wanna thank zizi, vanz and shiyun.. for making work more pleasurable. and desmond too.. the nie teachers.. who make my recess breaks fun, morning assembly bearable. and esp to vanz.. for helping me so much with science and moral ed.

had an awesome time with my gal today.. we headed to marina.. strange though.. havent been there since i got back.. its definately taken on a much newer and trendier look. . we had lunch at this jap-western fusion place.. cant remember the name. but the teriyaki pepper steak was ..ohhhhhhh so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .. coupled with our lychee smoothie.. and the bestest.. marshmellow mudpie.. was just a perfect end to a wonderful meal... yummy!!!!!!!!!

watched bewitched.. the one with nicole kidman.. as a kid. i really loved the tv series.... but this time. its kinda lacking.. not much plot.. but sigh. not much movies recently anywae. not any good ones at least.

walked down singapore river. its really beautiful.. saw the hall skyscrapers.. i really wanna work there one day.. then ended up at lau pa sat for dinner... wah. i tell u.. as if the enormous lunch with lotsa lotsa popcorn wasnt enuff.. we ate satay. chilli kang kong and damn big sting ray for dinner.. with the famous teh terik.. so satisfying.. almost had to roll all the way to the mrt station to get back.. literally roll.. couldnt walk u see

actually last nite.. watched initial D with my two bros.. haha. its been such a long time since i last watched anything with BOTH OF THEM.. han is basically non-existant..but well.. we swooned over fast cars.. haha.. i mean they swooned over fast cars.. i was drooling over the hunks.. gotta admit.. that show has at least..3 hunks.. woohooo.. the first one is this jap dude.. with left piercing.. adidas jacket and all.. and i fell in love with him. then next is jay chou. who is sooooooooooooo freaking cool tere is nothing else to describe him. told my little bro.. to have the same hairstyle and the earings.. which he replied " jie. dont want. earings are so ugly!!!!!" hmmm.. my bro is so diff.. the younger one i think.. :{
then there was edison chen.. wah. he's got this heck-care attitude.. whichi s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo attractive.. plus he's a great racer. i l;ove that show.. woohooo...........plus my two bros had such a great time.. family time well spent i suppose.

yup.. thats all.. kazuyo is coming a down.. vid and chris as well.. expecting a really hectic week.. plus hopefully an awesome time in kl the following weekend.. meetin up with the kl folks.. and uncle david. u gotta bring me a-go-go dancing eh? hahahahaha.. cant wait..!!!!!!!!

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