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Monday, June 13, 2005

wat a day!!!!

we had a nice bbq today.. and i vote daffy's cookies the bestest ever!!!! seriously!!!!! they were so soft and chewy and warm and sweet.. and we had such a fun time.. chatting.. taking stupid pictures.. and trying to learn how to play football..
and so much for national service in singapore. when the football dropped into the river.. ALL and i mean ALL the sg guys who went through national service could NOT get the ball out.. even i had to resort to talking to the ducks to ask them to push the ball back.. and CHRIS!!!!! saved the day !!! lousy ns guys.. LOUSY!!!!!!

then it was football time. singapore vs the rest of the world.. with the exception of jean the traitor who deflected over.. hahaa.. and it was so fun.. fel, jean, rach and i were the usual slackers.. who just stoood around and waited for the ball to hit us... and fel even had time to take pictures when playing the game.... sherwin was EXASPERATED..
daffy used the thighs to block the ball.. fel was incredible..!!!! her body.. blocked off 2 crucial shoots at goal.. considering she stood in front of the goal post.. it was damn funny... and rachel.. oh who would have thought she had the likes of great football legends.. who VOLLEYED a ball into the goal post..!!!! yeay.. and u noe. i managed to do a header.. be IMPRESSED PLEASE>. be very impressed!!!!!! the ball came near my head.. and i just merely touched the tip of it.. but the rest said it was a header.. woahaahahahahahahahhahaha. HEADER WOR!!!!

then of course singapore won.. like DUH!!!!!!!!!!!! jen's bro was the wonder kid. who like moved around the whole field.. and the guys played really well.. MUS::::: u actually can play football!!!!!!! and chris and pingli and weiliang made many good saves.. and i think the girls were having such a good laugh.. we laughed more than we touched the ball... which means we would have build up our stomach muscles more .. yeay yeay..

after dinner.. mabel, munhou, chris and i went to the music room .. 2 guitars and 2 pianos.. and u get quite a nice encore of canon in d.. interesting...

yeay yeay.. im so happy.. coz i found someone who has similar interest as me.. its mh's friend carrie.. and she likes jap shoes and clothes and hairstyle as i do.. and hello kitty and the little prince.. yoohooo..

im so happy today. tmr is sports day. with tennis and badminton.. yeay

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