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Saturday, May 07, 2005

exam stress!!!! everyone seems busy/worried/snappy/moody/ just not happy! and to add. the library has overflowed with millions of stressed people. not a happy sight..

well.. went to london on tues.. for a nice getaway.. and did u noe.. tescos in london has KRISPY KREAM DOUGHNUTS? ??!!!!!!! hyper unfair eh.. considering all they have to do to get those mouth-watering, cream tentalizing, simply-melts-in-the-mouth, super sugary super fattening krispy kream doughnuts.. just by walking into tesco??????? ( and i thot it was fair enuff they have to take the tube all the way to harrods to get those) .. arrggh.. again.. remind me why i didnt study in london instead??????????????

anywae.. too busy to blog.. life is pretty boring.. i wake up.. eat.. go library.. come back.. eat. sleep.. thats wat ive been doing the past week.. and its crazy!!!!!!!! managed to make a few acquaintances in the lib..i mean.. the same people go at the same time every single day. to the same floor.. and sit at practically the same seats.. so u kinda noe who's there.. and after some time.. they kinda know u are in existence as well.. and they u start smiling.. and they smile back.. and yeay.. everytime u go.. u smile and they smile.. and everyone smiles.. isnt that so fun? u make random friends.. even at the library!!!!!!!!
plus.. i found out that the reallie cute guy opposite jierong.. he's in corp strat as well!!!!!! oh.. and i didnt see him before!!!!!! and yes. coz i saw him reading the stupid strategy textbook.. hahah... and i was like. that day in the kitchen

" hey.. i think u look familiar.... hahahaha.. are u in corp strat as well"
and he goes
"yeay.. i think ive seen u before somewhere...." and that's how the conversation went.. haha.. fun ya..
i love going to the library and meeting random people.. oh ya by the way. the 4th floor is officially conquered by cool hk pple... the cute leng zhai guys.. and there are NO CUTE GUYS on the 5th floor.. ever!!!!!

cute guys.. please please come up and study on the 5th floor!!!! tthats where all the babes are.. thanks.. and do come along.. with a megawatt smile. coz it simply brightens up our days.. and we have added incentive to cramp in just a little more.. and perhaps.. stay and linger on in the lib just a little more.. to catch an added glimpse.. hahahah

i speak on behalf of the babes on floor 5!!!!

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