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Saturday, April 02, 2005

gam ting ngor.. did nothing today.. absolutely nothing..totally unproductive and unmotivated.. sigh. this cannot happen every other day.. anywae.. posted up the alton towers pictures..

went to play tennis today with jen, dhar and christie. it was such a lovely warm sunny day.. perfect.. guess it was too warm in the room and needed a refreshing break.. yahoo.. it was fun fun.. excersied those flabs.. and well. had a good time reallie...

had dinner at vid's kitchen.. was nice too. homely cooked food and nice chats..well .. life is quite mundane so to speak

talked to yanning today.. her life's more mundane i think.. and it made me apprehensive to go back and start working. i mean.. 9-5 and then go back and eat and sleep and wake up and start the whole boring routine every other day..doubt i can seriously take that.. i need something fun and challenging at least....

talking of fun..tim martins came down yest. had a drink with him at the bar.. and well well.. he's happie in ACcenture now.. and he says he'll help me get an interview if i bother to apply.. hahaha.. well.. i'll consider. and even better news.. he says his church in london is swarmining with koreans.. of which he has a reallie cute and charming close korean friend.. (whom i asked to bring up to cov but he refused).. guesss i'll be heading down london soon.. woohoo.. imagine being swarmed by Korean guys. how great is that????? and by the way.. hun got me pineapple cookies in china.. oh man.. im quite touched. i mean..reallie sweet of him to remember i love pineapple tart cookies.. and he went to the supermarket to buy ya.. im quite happy

and we went major shopping yest.. hahaha. stupid jean foo juan juan.. she bought so much stuff yest.. we spent a freaking 3 hours at tkmax.. amazing.. ive never spent so much time in a store before.. but it was fun.. coz its like searching and searching for something u like.. and its always the thrill in searching.. ahaha.. got some good buys too.. i got my summer shoe.. and a roxy pedal pusher.. and a snoopy bra. hahha.. i love that bra.. and a nice nice top.. qutie a bargain. im happie..reallie happie..
yeay yeay.. i love retail therapy.. and i cant list down what jean foo bought. coz she got like tonnes of stuff.. and vid got a reallie cool funky pink jacket.... and my dearest fel finallly won her adidas jacket on ebay. yeay yea.. we all got new funky stuff...

yup.. im goingn amsterdam tmr.. i mean monday morning.. so welll welll.. wont be blogging for the next few days.. ad dios

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