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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

With relation to fats and dressing, I strongly feel mankind, both men and women should be more conscious about their dressing. Sometimes I wonder if they actually look at themselves in the mirror or any reflective surface before they step out of their homes. Fancy flabs spilling beneath your really tight pants? Or perhaps a pair of skirt that now has to be worn much higher, revealing a genuinely massive piece of fat thigh? Make that a double. Or even better, an ultra piece of stretched denim, ready to explode the minute one exhale. I wonder how one moves around with jeans stretched to the maximum. How do they bring themselves to step out of their homes knowing they look like cheap whores with fats that turn men off? With that bulging belly like that of a pregnant woman, and hips so wide, like they have given birth to six children. Perhaps they do not realize it. Perhaps their FRIENDS should blatantly tell them they look awful. My take is not to allow anyone to talk about you by dressing decently. Cover up your flabs, wear clothes your size. Yes, men and women. Do not squeeze into something just because that is all you have. Buy something new. People do recognize when one is in their supposed Sunday best, which is not even a decent piece of outfit. If one does have no choice due to lack of funds and have to wear the same outfit, please kindly check for stains. Or perhaps, save money on eating or whatever that makes you fat, such as cheap contraceptives for whores and use the money wisely on decent clothes. How awful it is to walk around with fats spilling at the top of your pants, stomach bulging, breast drooping and with an unflattering top and stained pants. (Men and women can get drooping breast. Essential to invest in good bras too.) Oh yes, changing the bottom is as important as changing your undergarments. Tops should be flattering to ones body and should not make one look like a whore. Revealing too much of an eyesore, will only cause one to look more awful than their already tarnished image. But I suppose some really do not care. Even people who hang around church waiting to hook up with some cute altar servers who would never give them a second look.I observed another 'trend'. Whores who have their Gs peeking out from beneath their stained and stretched bottoms. Gs are aplenty, and many in low cut too. Hipster Gs are inexpensive, why not invest in a couple of them?

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