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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

ive resolved that during easter.. shall learn how to put up pictures in my blog.. so as it says. a pic says a thousand words.. how true.
hope today is fun.well.. its my first day trying to look sporty.. haha.. fel says ive so sae.. but told ef that i will be trying my best to look sporty. so well.. here it goes.. not that hard.. though none of them believe im ever from track.. hahaha. coz its such a rugger sports.. but well.... diana can testify to that.. i was much tougher last time. but haiz. now. such a wet sack of cement.. sad case sad case..
today shd be fun. going bham with vid.. i mean YUM CHA time ya. seriously.. im so pathetically deprived..when was the last time when???? that i last had dim sum??? hahha.. yeay. yeay.. im so happpy ya..
and im so glad for weebs. he came to help me fix my bloody printer.. which broke down again. reallie gone case
oh ya.. made an amazing astonishing absolute discovery.. im seriouly broke. like really.. like.. i was so shocked when i got my atm statement.. like how in the world did my money disappear???? coz i figured i worked quite a bit this term.. like 300 pounds at least. and though there's driving.. its not that bad.. like say 200.. so i should have made 100 pounds.. but ive withdrew an additional 400 pounds.. and where the hell did those money go to man??? shd i seriously set up an excel spreadsheet to calculate.????? oh man.. im scared..
Does anyone know like any financial remedy workshops??? and also where u earn 1000 and can spend 1500 without being in debt????? hahhaa.. i reallie need to manage financies properly.. LIKE REALLY...
anywae. im so into poloroid photography now. mwahhahaa.. coz its cool... i love my polaroid. nevermind that its not the pink or white one.. i saw in the korean drama.. but its a dull grey. but heck.. pictures are so fun.. and realie.. ive taken like 8 alreayd..hahaha. how the hell is it suppose to last me till i get back home? better buy more film to stock up.. hahaha. goodbye digital camo..

anywae. going to jen's place for soccer tonite... daffy said she might bake something to brign over. .. kudos to that man.. seriously.. yeay.. i hope its apple crumble..
and ive found time to waste.. at least not to let my free time be wasted. tmr going for all england badminton.. can see ronald susilo.. hahahhahaha.. with the banner "wo-men-dui-ni-hen-proud!!!" hahah.. wonder wat my chinese teacher would say if we were on national tv???? she will be like.." gosh... u ah u ah.. still cannot speak proper chinese" hahhahahah
and thurs.. cooking dinner WITH JEAN for hun and pingli.. jean foo!!!! better helps ya. hahhaa. and hope ddaniel will join us too coz he can so cook well.. then friday.. well. prob going for some end term bash....
see.. my week is busy.. and sat.. going pot luck and drinking at weebs place there after.. and sunday. hopefully the trip with ef and joanne will work out.. wagamama................................................. zen eating..
then its hubert's bdae party.. cool yeah.. i mean .. life can be hectic too.. without assignments *grinz*

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