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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

oh.. so fun..i shall look forward to blogging more often. mwhaahhaha.
jen.. u shd be really proud of me.. hahaha.. i downloaded hello all by myself.. yoohhhoooooooo.. i love blogger.. kudos to that..
anywae. was saying..keep being distracted when i can successfully upload a picture to my blog..hahaha..
i love ronald susilo..he's great.. and he's so friendly and sincere.. and humble..hahaha. almost wanted to invite him back to our uni.. and then can cook for him something nice nice.. so he can be happy happy.. germaine says i sound like his wife.. haha.. wish i could la.. but u noe.. germine is so cute.. reallie.. and she is a man utd supporter.. and she likes to observe cute footballers too!!!!! yeay.. finally someone in common. hahahahahaha
and yest watched man u vs milan with jen and mustafa.. it was fun.. mus said he didnt mind having babies with henize if he was a girl.hahah.... i think he is cute.. but his hair is way too greasy..but he is goodlooking.. like quite la..
anywae.. i love ronald susilo. still cant get over the shock of meeting him in person. oh m an.. if only my polaroid wasnt checked in the beginning. could have taken a polaroid with him. damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
easter is coming... great.. im reallie looking forward to having a good time.. well.. at least i hope.. and to really get some decent work done.. its dreadful to think of the amt of work that can pile up.. and revisions being made.. but well... its the final stretch... hurdle on babe...
i wanna go shopping. thank goodness singsoc is organizing a pre-exam destress retail therapy next term.. mwahahha.. kudos.. really.. i think singaporeans all bond together through either eating or shopping..period. its that simple..and we can all gel together perfectly.. simple.. eat and shop.. hahha. wat more can a singaporean ask for???
oh. ive been putting on weight recently.. that's horrendous.. i mean i can feel it.. my cheeks are feeling heavier.. and rounder.. goodness.. must be all the stupid yum cha sessions ive had.. gosh. shit shit shit..should reallie stop going bham ya..
anywae. this stupid blog is gonna be reallie boring... haha.. keep mentioning wat i do.. and all that shit..well.. at least ive done something good today. cut mh's hair.ahhaha.. its like a bit the too layered.. but he is just being polite and says its alrite.wehahahhahaha. its not my hair anywae..

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