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Sunday, March 13, 2005

its been reallie a while since i last felt like this..oh..was that like 2 years ago? or shudder!!! even longer? my arms feel like lead.. hahah. and my butt is so sore.. and my legs are freakingly strained.. and why??
coz stupid me went to the gym yesterday!!!!!!!! for a whole freaking 1 hour.. !!!!! and why? coz we went to support bball.. but the semi finals didnt start till like 2.30. (we went at 1), so christie and i went to the gym..
and it felt like just yest when i was in the hwa chong gym.. that old musky place reeling of ch guy's sweat and clouded air.. but anywae. i had to go back and change since moi was in my jeans.. hahah.. gymming!!!! such an apt desciption.. hahah. i so knew i was going to die today.... but i did an hour's worth of treadmiles, bike runs, weight bars.. and lost a grand magnificant total of approximately 500 calories.. WOOHOOOOOO.. thats a lot ya.. considering we eat like 2000 calories of food each day.. but then i felt damn stupid .. coz i weighed myself like before the gym..
and after the gym.. i felt so tired. so i leaned my head against the wall.. and weighed myself again.. and it was like 1.5 kg lighter.. for once.. my heart almost stopped!!! hahaha. coz i was like "eh. how come how come can lose so much weight in one session? somemore i didnt do that much wor???" then christie said.. eh. u are leaning on the wall. of course u weigh lighter!!!

that was it.. i felt damn stupid. moronic in fact. hahaha. i prob actually lost like 5 grams or so.. sigh..

then went to watch bball. and wah.. it was like wohhhhhhh!!!! i mean like claude. was like awesome ya.. like AWESOME!!!! like woh. never reallie seen pple play like that.. i mean like kongli was danm good last time in hc. (with all his three pointer shots and all). but claude is reallie incredible..*speechless for words*. and they won again. hahaha. like they won everything this yr ya...cools...

then went to jen's house for dinner.. potluck.. and it was fun too.. food was sooo much. and i ate like sooo much dessert. i think i put on like 500 0 calories.. haha. so much for gymming rite.. sickening. lost 5 grams.. prob put on half a kg that nite alone.. and we played mafia... in which i conclude i was such a crap mafia.. i wasnt given any more mafia cards that evening. and i had to resort to confusing everone that i was a mafia when i wasnt. sigh. ..

i think i wanna be a spy when i grow up.. like a singapore spy.. mwahahahaha. . doesnt it sound cool?? but first. gotta be slim.. and fast.. and agile.. and i need to learn how to drive a manual car.. in case. i have to escape from the enemy.. and mustafa says if its an manual car then im dead coz i dunno how to drive one.. hahaha. yeah. a spy.. baby!!!!! A SPY>!!!!!!

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