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Saturday, March 19, 2005

the first brief week of my easter hols just whizzed past.. and well.. nothing much has been happening.. pretty boring though..

khaiqi came down to visit.. fun fun.. he got like super high last nite while we were having some drinking session.. and he damn created havoc in the union. hhahaa. dancing on the stage and like high fiving and shaking hands with almost everyone in the union.. but it was fun fun..

played tennis today. there was great weather though... sunshine. but not that warm.. had a great workout..shaked my ass hard enuff...bet moi arms will ache like shit tmr .. but heck.. calories burned..

been living and eating like a rabbit the past few days.. thriving on caesar salad and crougons.. but its nice u noe. i mean .. refreshing.. for a change.. been living too unhealthly the past years.!!!!!

and spent the rest of the week... well watching FULL HOUSE> its this amazingly funny korean drama.. yes the korean wave is still riding high.. and oh my goodness. KM SUNG SOO rocks sooooooo much.. he is like the most gorgeous korean actor.. (BAE YONG JOON who????? ) and he is sooo nice in the show.. he's like the sup actor who likes the lead actress.. and he loves her so much.. he alwasy listens to her.. and is always there for her.. and he waits for her and whips up a great pasta meal for her too.. gosh. why cant such a perfect guy exist??
anywae.. so ive checked him out online. and horror horror@!!!!!!! he used to be a PORN STAR.. seriously!!!! oh man.. hahahhaha.. seriously.. i dunno wat else to say.. but he is sooooo cute.. and he wears purple ties.. and while belts... and has such a great bode.. esp when they showed the shower scene.. gosh. i keep screaming in my room...until like SARAH that stupid bitch had to come a knocking.. once again.. sigh.. i reallie do not like her...

anywae.. its been sunshine and more sunshine the past few days.. and certainly. spring is approaching.. yeay yeay yeay.. i love the sun.. i love yellow beams.. i love the fact summer is coming and i can wear all the 10 kg of summer clothings ive lugged all the way from singapore.. yeay yeay yeay..
and summer means more tennis, more picnics, more fun, more sunshine in the sun!!!!!!
yeay yeay yeay

now back to my stupid slouching bed.. before i embark.. on the final yes final episode of FULL HOUSE>> i just cant wait..!!!!

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