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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

bloggin marathon right now.. haha... bear with me.. im all sappy and crappy now.. thanks to dearest RAE..
went driving yest.. was fun. reallie. i mean manual driving is draining.. u have to be so focued.. you cannot turn anywhere else.. haha. and i havent even started looking at the window yet.. but well.. nothing goes... my car stalled like 3 times. and i felt so embarassed.. keep forgetting to release the stupid clutch gear.. its hard.. its HARD>.....but daniel says he will like rent a car and let me go driving.. practice makes perfect isnt it?????
arms are aching like shit.. went seat moving today... but at least S** was there to help.. and it was not bad.. coz couldnt afford to look all weak and gooey. hahaa.. must put on a macho image kind of shit..
and i must say.. ww and edwin;s kitchen rocks.. did i forget to mention they have a coffee making and smoothie making machine.. and their ice blended simply rocks man.. seriously.. and they have a bread maker.. so please guys. if u are reading this. set up a cool cafe.. thanks.. ;)
skool is getting boring. as in u have assignments and stuff.. but im so freakign bored.. coz i guess everyone else is doing morse.. except me. and i feel so alone.. at times.. well definately looking forward to lunches with fel at rootes every thursdays so we can go bio the cute hk guys... missing fel.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh yup.. and im hooked on desperate housewives..haha.its a awesome show man..about some 4 housewives and wat they do everyday.. hahaa.. and you would think being a housewive is boring.. wait till you watch this man..
and woohoo.. birds dont fly. haha. candice and tom comign down tmr. finally.. they have dared to come back to warwick again . .. the place where candice claims has sheep.. but again i reaffirm WARWICK HAS NO SHEEPS>> well not on campus.. but we have ducks i suppose.... and we are going fashion show.. yeay yeay yeay. so fun to have her over.. and now its left to silly willy shuhui who has promised me 2 yrs ago that she will come..and still hasnt come up to warwick yet.. hahaa. she claims there is reallie nothign to do here. and she doesnt wanna go bham.. so right.. there is nothign to do here.. but come up please. visit this nice little friend of yours.. h ahaha.....
man.. gotta pack stupid messy room..its a disaster..

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