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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

well.. finally got to watch the film 15.. the highly debated show that made censorship boards turn and flip in uproar..well..it was a last minute thingie.. dragged there by jiierong.. and pleasantly surprised to see so many singaporeans and malaysians there too.. was like some singsoc gathering of a massive scale..
well.. all i can say is.. its a good show.. good in which it leaves u thinking.. again... of ah bengs in general, sheding new light on them...and it makes you look at another world of people in singapore.. the infamous AH BENGS...
well..i think ah bengs are not wat they seem to be.. i mean the usual splurting of blamphemous and vicious vulgarities.. and the dragon-tiger-lion-cobra kind of tattoos that litter their skinny frames.. and well.. their blonde hair and their cigarettes.... its about brotherhood man.. serious brotherhood... and i think this film is great.. besides all the funny hokkein vularities that had everyone in stitches.. seriously.. jierong, weebs, weide, daniel, deqi and i just couldnt stop laughin in the first hour.. .. this show also explores the deep and dark sides....
ah bengs... they are complex people .. they usually come from complex backgrounds..but they are simple in thought.. and of most loyal friendship.. they are willing to sacrifice everything for a friend... i found that part where this guy licked the blood of his friend who had aids most touching.. coz he said something like.. if we die.. we die together. thats wat brothers are for.. and it suddenly dawned on me.. ive mistaken those ah bengs.... they value friendship.. so much more than i do...
and its a good show.. about 4 typical ah bengs.. though a bit extreme when it comes to finding a good building to commit sucide from... and other comical gags... it also explores deep into drug trafficking.. and i never knew they had to swallow condoms stuffed with drugs into their throats.. and the process is ever so painfull... coz rayson tan captured the ah beng in the grusome processs of doing it... and it made my stomach turn.. too gruesome.. no wonder its R(A) back home...
but i felt the film delivered its message.... a very powerful one indeed... and it makes me guilty.. of always looking down on ah bengs.. who am i to judge...? seriously....and it reminded me of those days back at st nicks where we would always roll our eyes at ah lians.. coz we thot they were like inferior stuff.. and how we joked about them falling down wearing those platform shoes.. and it seems like..so childish..
and well.. finally.. i think it paints us a picture of reality.. i think most people felt that way.. i feel lucky.. lucky because im not born in a complex family.. i have good God-fearing parents.. a good education.. good friends.. and i hope i would never walk the path of debauchery....

come on people.. embrace brotherhood..but leave behind its vices..

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