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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

hahah.. its already week ten.. and most pple are like dying.. from essay stress overload.. well thats wat is happening next door..
stupid mabel. mwhahahaha.a. she keeps not doing her essay.. and then just now vid and i went to the learning grid.. its like the coolest place in the world.. mwahahha. of course with distractions.. he was there... and i swear i behaved like a moron again.......
anywae.. i think the pwc thingie is screwed.. so many possible questions they might ask.. where to even begin.. say.. what kind of animal best describes u.. hahaha and guess wat the model answer is... an octopus. coz u can multi-task with your eight tentacles.. how bad is this???
and we were looking at possible questions..its impossible.. like list three major financial issues.. like i noe zero ya.. oh man.. and shit like describe yhourself in 5 years time.. mahahahha i might just say married with kids... but thats.. erm.. hightly impossible as welll i suppose...
haiz... then vid came over.. and the three of us had a fun time talking crap again.. for two hours.. and mabel has done only paragraph 2 for her tfe essay tmr.. and she read her introduction 10 times..!!!!!!!!!!!
so.. its back to us talking crap again.. man.. thats like crap ya..
hahha oh ya.. something stupid happened... it was 1052.. and mabel and i went to costcutters in glasses and pyjamas.. damn retarded wei.. but then coz someone needed coke and red bull to last thru the nite..hahaha.. we went.. hoping we wouldnt bump into any one along the way.. and we wore freaking slippers in the freaking cold.. damn damn damn retarded...i think my toes need defrosting...
and we saw mark c along the way.. i think he looked amused.. to see two ding-diongs looking at the floor all the time and praying hard we wont fall down.. but then costcutters was still open.. so happie we were with lemon coke and chochos and sweets and i still cant believe im injecting sugar so willingly into my body.. mhahahah
oh ya.. and i had the nicest dinner ever.. guess wat??? porriage with ham and scallops and salted veggie and ikan bilis.. so happies.....we ate porriage like the happiest people on earth.. and we devoured a whole damn big pot of it.. i feel like a wet sack of cement.. seriously.. and u down coke after that.. its like doubly wet sack of cement..
i feel so awake now.. but got loads to prepare for interview.. haiz.. sians sians. sians.. someone entertain me now please..!!!!!!

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