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Friday, December 03, 2004

just back from gloomy london.. dont ask. it sucked.. the interview. man.. i felt cheated and betrayed... dont ask again.. can anyone screw up something so simple?? yup.. i definately can.. trust me.it was bad.. and it could have been avoided had i been more hardworking. and noooo i wasnt. i had to stay up till wee hours to continue gossiping, and watching "im a celebrity. get me outta here"..hahha buut it was fun.. but i should have kept my mouth shut on certain other things.. i feel betrayed.....
anywae term officially ends today. didnt get to send mabel off.. and just heard from dhar that d****y is gonna be like with them coz he met christie and was glad there was someone from his flat going along too. coz apparently he is alone..
damn it.. i shd have been there with them kae.. damn damn damn damn damn.. serious shit.. and i woulnt be so miserable now.. shit shit shit shit shit... to think im going the same place just one fucking week later...shit man.. i feel like slapping myself..
anywae. becks just said she went to watch singapore idol finals live. haha.. good for her.. with just 2 rows seperating her and the president apparently.. some pple just get super lucky. but wats with the hype reallie??? everyone is talking about it.. not like that guy was reallie talented or something.. both finalists werent... i though the butch was the best amongst them.. but well.. butches remain butches...and she;s cute somemore.. angie's friend... hahahahhahahahah
met my meow nar today.. so happie.. miss her.. and we had the most amazing thai lunch.. all for a mere 4 quids.. yummy.......... if only my tummy permitted.. i would have ordered like 2 portions.. i miss her so much.. i reallie do... she was always there for me.. and now its like she's so far away... can tseem to finish telling her all my stuff in like 3 hours or so.. but da jie. i love you loads!!!
ffk him again. was supposed to meet up i guess.. but i was reallie feeling so tired.. so lethargic.. wandering aimlessly through the complex maze of london's underground.. but its my fault.. and if there is someone to blames.. yup.. i'll shoulder it willingly.. i think he should reallie hate me this time..its like the 10th time i ffked him.. i feel bad. but wat to do. somethings are just not meant to be.. reallie.. sorry.. so so so so sorry.. but i guess things will never have worked out anywae.. so it doesnt matter ya..
candice was a great host hahhaa.. we ate like shit loads of food man.. on thurs nite.. and krispy kream dounuts.. mwah.. i love u dear.. thanks for queueing up... beating the crowd.. just to bring back 12 lovely dounghnuts. in which 3 ended up in my tummy.. and i love their apartmnet.. its like so nice.. hahahhaa.. and their little christmas tree.. will reallie wanna go spend christmas with u honey.. hahhaa. its fun.. i think.. beats staying here in cov...
london was fun. but i guess just wanst in the mood.. the lights were out. .. pretty little starts lighting up the sky. but.. i wasnt in the mood.. haha.. i feel like shit.. dragging my stupid bag around covent garden.. and it dint help gap, h&m and zara were having sales.. that still didnt cheer me up... bloody hell.. someone helps me
this is goonna be a long hols i think.... boring.. hope mabel calls us once in a while.. at least athens will be fun. i reallie hope so.. i pray hard.. if not.. man.. i should have just gone back home..

reallie.. how stupid can i get???? i should have gone back home...

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