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Sunday, November 28, 2004

hahaha.. im here again.. bored i suppose.. cant seem to find any inspiration to start the tfe thingie again... darnny..
nostalgia starts sinkin' again i suppose.. term;s ending in 7 days time. so fast.. its scary reallie thinking about it..2 more terms and its goodbye for good.. well.i reallie dunno wat the future holds..guess i'll just leave it in his hands..
tmr's christmas dinner..and we'll perform some song..trying to get into the festive mood..but its different.. i miss my orchard roads.. my pretty lights.... the chirpy caroling..the tanglin mall faux snowfalls...walking down town...the bustling and noisiness of it all.. its gonna be pretty quiet in cov..i suppose....bleak bleak winter...
i feel tired..like.. things pass by so quickly.. i havent realie come to terms with it that term has ended.. well at least gonna end.. not fair.. i havent played enuff yet.. i havent soaked in autumn's breeze, its fallen leaves, its yellow rays.. its cold winds...its spirit yet...and then cold cruel winter approaches, taking away my warm glow, my radient sunlight and my autumn.........
its funny.. having received pris' email.. i feel we are back where we started.. all the pepsi and sarsi thingies.. hahaa.. when the stars are laughing.. its for u.. she always says that... girl.. come here quick.. i love u so much..
well.. apprehension for the week ahead.. hmm. sounding so negative. but watever... 2 more assignments.. one literature review and one interview... that one sucks.reallie.. im scared.. like relalie scared.. i dunno what to expect...well.. just gonna try to haf fun.. at least i can go down london to see the rest again.. ahhaa... thats some consolation at least...
yup.. in a weeks time.. i'll be in athens.. hope at least that trip is fun.. wont make this winter hols that miserable then....
and then christmas...hahaha.today is the start of advent. the first advent sunday.. the day of arrival..
hope can get an advent calendar then.. look forward to opening its tiny doors for christmas.. cools..........

look at the sky.. ask yourselves: has the sheep eaten the flower, yes or no?? and you will see how everything changes... and no grown up will ever understand why it is so important.. how true. the ways of the world thru the eyes of a child...

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