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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

hey.. been so long since i blogged. .man.. this is bad. anywae. went down to london with vid and fel yest.. was HORRIBLE. the coach trip.. took like 4 hours to get into london coz of some silly traffic jam.. but well... it was worth it. haiahzhzhzh.. they wz ere late for the greek embassy thingie.. so had to take the london cab.. and we actuallie took a nice long tour in zones 2 & 3 in london.. quite pretty reallie.. half expected to see like some celeb walking around those pretty little streets.. but..NO!!!
met candice and huiz for lunch.. damn fun.. i miss them so.. reallie.. we all miss each other. we are happie happie family.. nahahahah.. anywae.. candice told me either to start being serious about applications, or forget about it completely. SOmetimes. i reallie thank her for being around. she is so level headed..huiz shd be coming up in week 8 i think. with the pervert... hahahha aka xin tian.. so fun.. buut where to bring them galavanting around ????
hmm.. *ponderponder*.then.. went for this haircut.. its noooooo ordinary haircut.. its prob the most expensive haircut ever.. 90 sing dollars man.. my mum would flip.. prob do sommersaut as well ya.. hahah.. but i think it was fun. the lady.. kie i think.. was damn cool... man.. the shop was white to begin with, with hip hop jap music blasting.. sleek zen style furnishing... and its damn cool la.. ahaha.. she took half an hour to wash my hair.can u IMAGINE???? 3 types of shampoo and conditional..almost feel like a dainty princess man..
then cut lor.. she took out 5 jap magazines.. and told me wat cut suits my face. so kawaiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yup... i dunno how to download pictures onto my blog.. maybe someone reading this can PLEASE KINDLY ENLIGHTEN ME??????
hahahha.. then popped by harrods to find vid and fel. HARRODS ..... so nice.. just we couldnt buy anything.. reallie!!!!! even the doughnuts there are freakingly expensive.. like 90p or something.. can u believe it??? just for a tiny tiny weeny bitsy doughnut u noe.. hahha
wel.. thats my trip to london.. i loved it.. u know imi always complaining about how much i miss it.. and how coventry sucks.. but i guess i should really learn contentment.. warwick is nice.. reallie.. sometimes. when u jsut look out of your window.. the autumn leaves, so beautifully blended in with the surroundings.. so surreal.. so serene. i shoudl stop whinning.. please..

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